Unpaid Liens or Back Taxes Can Quickly Add Up…

But the thing is, you’re not the only person dealing with this, and you don’t have to deal with it alone. 

Don’t let the government take what is rightfully yours, and leave you with nothing. There is an alternate solution…

We can buy your house ASAP, and put cash in your pocket so you walk away ahead, even if you think there’s no hope. Give us a call!

Sell Your House Fast & Don’t Worry About Unpaid Liens or Taxes!

Whether it’s a job loss, a bad divorce, or something that is just out of your control, getting behind on your taxes is a painful process that is really tricky to get out of. 

It can lead to losing your property, being foreclosed on or worse – being evicted in a very visual and embarrassing process.

But that’s not what needs to happen!

You can walk away with cash in your pocket, and a smile on your face knowing that all your unpaid taxes and bills for your property have been taken care of. 

Don’t Let Other People Take Your House & Give You Nothing In Return!

Bertha needed to move fast because the back taxes were piling up, and she didn’t have the ability to find a new place.

She called us, we chatted for a few minutes, then headed out to meet her and see the property. Within a few minutes we had her a solid offer on her home!

sell your house fast in cincinnati

It’s as easy as that! 

And for closing, we use a local company called First Title Agency Inc, and they are licensed and efficient with closings, proving you with everything you’ll need! And as a company, we are here to help whatever you may need: even help with things such as fronting moving expenses, storage unit costs and helping to find a better place to live!

Getting rid of those unpaid liens or back taxes doesn’t have be the end…

We can help you get cash in your pocket and that burden of unpaid liens and taxes lifted off your shoulders. Get cash for you house FAST by giving us a call at (360) 803-6098 or filling out this form!

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