Foreclosure Doesn’t Have To Ruin You!

Being in the middle of a foreclosure can really suck, and we know that there often isn’t enough time to find out the best ways to stop it, or find any alternatives that won’t leave you feeling hopeless. There is an easier way to stop foreclosure on your home!

The Shocking Truth….

The truth is, you aren’t the first person to have to deal with the banks, or this painful process, so you don’t feel ashamed or hopeless.

You have multiple options available to stop foreclosure, and a quick google search will give you hundreds of results, but we want to help you skip that. 

We can help you ASAP – just give us a call at (360) 803-6098 or fill out this form and we can walk you through our whole process, quickly and simply! (And if you want to learn more about it, just head on over here

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Losing your property, with nothing to show for it is a horrible way to continue this year, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

We want to help you get rid of that burden, and put some cash in your pocket in as little as 6 days! (Actually, we’ve done in 24 hours before too, so if you’re in DIRE need, call us ASAP and we will figure it out with you!)

We’ve Stopped Foreclosures Before, and We Can Help Stop Yours!

You don’t have to lose your property with nothing to show for it because of a bad situation that you have no control over.

We’ve done a lot of investing over the years and seen some pretty bad things happen with families, losing nest eggs, families divided, and all over something that could have been handled differently.

It just takes reaching out and having a quick conversion with us, completely free and no obligation to work with us if you don’t want to!

A Great Example Of Stopping Foreclosure Fast Is Bertha

sell your house fast in cincinnati

She needed to move fast because of a foreclosure happening…

But didn’t have anywhere to go. She was about to lose her home when she got a postcard from us, and she gave us a call back.

It was perfect timing, because we were able to step in and purchase her house quickly, stopping the foreclosure!

She also needed help moving out, so we were able to front her some money for a storage unit AND help her find a new place to move into to!

All in all, we were able to get her cash in her pocket and she walked away far better off than if the county foreclosed on her!

With just a few easy steps, you can step out of the storm that is foreclosure and feel the burden of property foreclosure lifted. 

It only take 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Call us at (360) 803-6098 and chat with us or fill out one of our forms ASAP!

Step 2: We’ll talk about the property, get some info from you and give you a rough cash offer on the phone. 

Step 3: We’ll book a time to come visit the property and make sure we’re a good fit!

It’s as easy as that! 

And for closing, we use a local company called First Title Agency Inc, (You can visit them online here!) and we can move as fast or as slow as you need, and even help with things such as fronting moving expenses, storage unit costs and helping to find a better place to live!

Stopping foreclosure doesn’t have to be complicated, and it certainly shouldn’t be something that you go through alone.

Let’s chat about it and see how we can help you! Avoid foreclosure today by giving us a call at (360) 803-6098

🛠 granite countertops, because the neighbor across the fence that sold his house for $175K

🛠Hardwood floors

🛠 removing wallpaper

🛠 installing new appliances

🛠 a couple of bathroom upgrades

🛠 nice new stainless steel appliances.