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Sell Your House In Centerville With No Fuss & NO Horribly Long Timelines Of Using A Realtor. Best Part? It’s Totally FREE! Find Out How Our Process Works Here.

We Buy Houses in Centerville, Ohio where we close fast and pay all cash for properties! At 6 Day Cash Buyers, we exist to help you, the homeowner. And just so you know, we don’t charge ANY commissions, you don’t have to make ANY Repairs and there will be little to no hassle or work needed from you. That’s our guarantee!

We know that we are all in different places in life, and sometimes life throws us curveballs. We’ve been there, and we want to be there to help you get back on your feet. Give us a call at (360) 803-6098 matter what your situation is, and we can chat more about it. If you need to sell your house fast in Centerville, we can help!

No Realtors. Quick Cash Offer. Zero Stress!

We know it’s not just us. Many home sellers have a terrible time listing their properties in Ohio with a real estate agent. We’ve experience that too much as well. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We are excited to chat more about how we can help, offer you more money for your property, a quicker closing time and an overall better experience! Just ask our customers!

How Do I Sell My House Fast In Centerville?

To sell your house fast in Centerville, Ohio without issues is simple. It really only takes 3 steps that DO NOT Involve real estate agents, long term contracts or offers that lowball the heck of people. It works like this:

How We Work

We don’t try to hide what we do. Let us show you exactly how we get our numbers, and how we plan to help you with our highest cash offer!

Get To Know Us

We’ve got nothing to hide, and know that you’ll be excited to work with us once you get to know us. Here’s our About Us” page! Let’s get to know each other!

  Get Your Cash Offer

There are no up front costs, and everything is handled by a reputable title company, closed efficiently so you don’t have to stress anymore!

Get Cash For Your Centerville House & Fast.

Don’t hold on to that unwanted property any longer! We buy houses in Centerville (as well as Loveland and Riverside, Ohio) with cash so we can close super quick if needed and without any hassle through a reputable title company!

There’s no need for selling your house in OH to be complicated. Just fill in the form below and we will get you an offer ASAP!

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Say Goodbye To Unwanted Stress!

Don’t let the stress of selling be the thing that makes you lose out on some cash in your pocket. Make it much simpler and eliminate all the garbage and sell your house quickly! Imagine the feelings of not having to deal with that house – Let us handle it. We love it!

We Buy Houses In Centerville, Ohio No Matter What! Things Like:

CT Home BuyersMore Repairs On The House Than Wanted…

CT Home BuyersAvoiding Foreclosure

CT Home BuyersBad house conditions, or unforeseen damages

CT Home BuyersDealing With Bad Or Stressful Tenants?…

CT Home BuyersWant To Downsize or Move Out? 

CT Home BuyersSelling quickly without a Realtor

CT Home BuyersInheriting a property you want to sell quick

CT Home BuyersOwe Back Taxes Or Liens?…

Get Cash Quick WITHOUT Cleaning Your House!

We won’t try to lowball you, and we also want to make sure you know all the costs you will save selling your house in Centerville to us versus selling it the traditional way, with an agent.

we buy houses Ohio

Since we buy & sell lots of homes in the area, we know what costs of fixing up we can avoid, increasing the price that we are able to give to you. We don’t have a huge operation and that allows us to offer maximum prices for the homes we buy.

We offer cash for houses throughout the entire state of Ohio, but we really love to buy properties in the Centerville area. If you have a house for sale there or know anyone that may be selling a house, we would love to hear from you. We want to make it a no brainer to sell your house fast with us!

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