Let’s Dive Right Into Introducing The Team!

Dustin Hahn (The Big Thinker)

Dustin started out working on the oil rigs in Alberta, Canada, but quickly realized that his passion was in helping others and started investing in real estate when he was only 20 years old! (After he almost died on the rigs!)

Dustin loves spending time learning about business, reading books on history and spending more time in the mountain’s snowmobiling than driving in his car! His big vision is why We Buy Houses In Ohio!

Josh Blanchard (The Iron Forger)

Josh, along with Dustin, also worked on the oil rigs but has a passion for traveling and seeing different parts of the world. He was also the only guy we could find a photo of with our fancy polo shirts, so there you go!

Josh is fantastic as connecting with people and helping remove the stress & worry that comes when selling a home. He’s an incredible problem-solver and loves the challenge whenever it comes up! He’s the guy you want to talk to if you’re excited about a cash offer on your home, or want to know the next big song that’s gonna hit the radio!

Cory Chiasson (The Organizer & Tech Wizard)

Cory is no doubt the tallest person you may ever see coming in at a whopping 6ft 11! He also loves being the technical sidekick to the much smarter Brad, who knows way more and is also way more talented with flying airplanes.

Cory has a heart for playing music and writing songs but also loves helping people with tips on selling their homes and making sure they are connected with and followed through to the best of his ability. He also acts as the sheepherder of the team meetings keeping everyone on point and dropping hilarious jokes when necessary, AKA all the time. He’s also pioneered a lot of the systems we use to get our offers to buy your house, as well as the tracking systems used to make sure you are well taken care of, followed up with and the process is as smooth as a piece of glass that has been weathered in the ocean

We Work Smart & Hard Buying Houses In Ohio So You Can Walk Away Happy & Satisfied!

We are Josh, Dustin, Brad & Cory!

Let’s get TRUTHFUL here. We LOVE Business. We love the hard work that gets put into making things that people say can’t be done, get done. That means we also love a good challenge – and real estate is just that. A CHALLENGE!

Did we mention We LOVE Buying Houses In Ohio? 🙂

And flipping houses? Well, that was just a natural progression from where we were 10 years ago. I had a business teaching people about tax liens & deeds, but quickly realized I wanted to get back in the game and truly start helping people again.

Here’s A Few Of Our Videos From Our Education Channel!

Tax Deed Horror Stories... Watch This Before Your Purchase A Tax Lien or Deed
Be Careful When Buying LAND! (And Our Ninja "end of tax sale" Trick)

Helping people is what we do, but sometimes you just need to get your hands dirty you know? So I followed in the footpath of those Fixer-Uppers you see on the TV. (Yes, we’re obsessed too lol!) – You know the feeling right?

People OFTEN ask me why I started doing real estate when I could have been working on the oil rigs?

LOL Well I REALLY Like My Life!

If you’ve worked a dangerous job like that then you know safety trumps money ANY DAY, but on the other hand, I’m also in it for the CHEDDAR!

With a burning passion for business and a strong desire to help out in any way they could, we started a real estate investing company (6 Day Cash Buyers in Cincinnati) and have been helping people out with their homes for many years now!

We have big dreams of helping others and using the income and money from the business to help out my local community – Using that money in places like my church, feeding those who are hungry and helping to provide shelter for those who need it.

We started this company as a way to better our lives, fulfill our personal goals, and help as many people as possible along the way. To do this, we constantly push each other to be the best we can be!

Our Promise To You Is This:

We exist to provide the best possible cash offers we can, as quickly as we can. We won’t do a deal unless you are absolutely happy and truly satisfied with the process. We are only interested in purchasing your home if we are providing the best possible solution for you.

We will make sure you understand the procedure and all of your options, and promise to be transparent, friendly, kind and honest along the way. We take no greater pleasure in this work than when a home seller tells us “you really helped me out of a tight spot!”

We Are 6 Day Cash Buyers & We Buy Houses In Cincinnati, Ohio!

This Is Who We Are

 We love to flip houses in Southern Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky area’s! We buy houses in Ohio from people that have reasons for selling their homes and just don’t want to have to deal with it anymore.

We’re not unaware – we know how important it is to get a really fair offer on your house, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We don’t need to lowball you or force you into deals to make our business work – just the opposite actually – we want you to walk away ready to tell your friends how amazing it was to work with us, and how helpful we were.  

Each one of us has had our ups and downs in life, really struggling to find ourselves, and through that, we’ve found that being honest with you, transparent with our numbers and how we got them, and genuinely care about your past, present & future the only way to do this business. This is who we are and why we exist!

If You Have A Home You Want To Get A Really Fair Cash Offer On – Head Over Here And We’ll Get Working On That ASAP!